Stanley C. Ahalt

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† Denotes a student co-author
Patterson, J.R., Thomas, S.R., Shaw. D., Hayes, J.A., Daley, C.R., Knight, S., Aikat, J., Mieczkowska, J.O., Ahalt, S.C., and Krishnamurthy, A.K. (2021). COVID-19 data utilization in North Carolina: A qualitative analysis. NC Policy Collaboratory.
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Krishnamurthy, A.K., Ahalt, S.C., Nehrbass, J.W., and Chaves, J.C. (2004). High productivity computing for SIP. PA Document Number - ASC 04-1758, Disposition Date - 17 November 2004.
Ahalt, S.C., Krishnamurthy, A.K., Nehrbass, J.W., and Chaves, J.C. (2004). Support for ATR programs. PA Document Number - ASC 04-1793, Disposition Date - 8 December 2004.
S.C. Ahalt, A. K. Krishnamurthy, J. W. Nehrbass, and J. C. Chaves, “Signal Mining, Fusion and Validation,” PA Document Number - ASC 04-1755, Disposition Date - 17 November 2004.
Kepner, J. and Ahalt, S.C. (2004). MatlabMPI, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 64(8), 997-1005.
Ma, J., Krishnamurthy, A.K., and Ahalt, S.C. (2004). SVM training with duplicated samples and its application in SVM-based ensemble methods. Neurocomputing, 61, 4555-4559.
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